Fluvanna and Louisa Workshop

CIC currently offers our WIBO Entrepreneurship Workshop, "How To Build a Growing Profitable Business," twice a year in Charlottesville. In 2015, we are looking to offer the workshop in Fluvanna or Louisa County for residents of both communities. We need to identify a minimum of 15 entrepreneurs who would be interested in the 17-week workshop. Here is how you can learn more and express your interest in our workshop. 

The next workshop at CIC will tentatively begin in early March, 2015, in Fluvanna or Louisa County. A minimum of 12-15 entrepreneurs is needed to start a class. If a minimum is not met, entrepreneurs accepted will have the option to participate in the spring workshop in Charlottesville.

Interested in Applying for the Fluvanna and Louisa CIC Workshop?

How to Apply:

  1. Download the application
  2. Complete application by January 2nd, 2015
  3. Complete Interview
  4. Notification of Acceptance
  5. Sign Acceptance Letter
  6. Send Payment and Pickup Workbook


Contact Keir Zander  

434-218-3481 or keir@cicville.or

It’s easy to do. The whole process from beginning to end is just 5 simple steps. 

  1. Complete the Application (November 1 - January 2) 

    • The application is now available on our website and in our office. Just print it off, complete it, and return it to us via e-mail, U.S. Mail, or even drop it off at our office.

    • Applications are due to be received by CIC by January 2nd, 2015.

  2. Interview with a CIC Representative 

    • We’ll call you to schedule a time for you to meet with a CIC representative so that we can learn more about your business concept and determine whether a CIC class is right for you at this time.

  3. Receive Notification of Acceptance or Deferral 

    • We’ll contact you to let you know if you’ve been accepted into the CIC program for the upcoming class and also let you know about any scholarships that you may have been awarded. 

    • Remember that a deferral simply means that your business concept may not benefit at this time, but you may be able to attend a future class when your concept is more defined. 

  4. Sign the Acceptance Letter 

    • By signing the acceptance letter and returning it to us right away you’ll be assured a spot in the upcoming class. 

  5. Send in the Payment for Tuition and pickup your Workbook 

    •  Tuition is $750 and payment plans are available in special circumstances. 

    • A limited number of scholarships can also offset tuition costs. 

    • If tuition costs are an obstacle, please be sure to talk to a CIC staff member about options. 

Now, you’re ready to go! Classes will be held weekly on a day to be determined for seventeen weeks.

Don’t forget…entrepreneurs who successfully complete the 17 week workshop are eligible to apply for a $5,000 loan.

Thank you for your interest in our workshop in Fluvanna and Louisa County.