2016 Sponsors

We would like to thank our 2016 sponsors.

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Visionary Partners ($10,000+) 

Anonymous (2)

Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band in CACF

Charles L. Keith & Clara Miller Foundation

Farkas Family Foundation

Charles Thacher

Wendy Brown

Aaron and Candice Hark


Dream Makers ($5,000+) 



J&E Berkley Foundation

Rathburn Family Foundation

Kevin and Carolyn Schuyler

Victor and Nancy Schiller

W. McIlwaine Thompson


Presenting Sponsors ($1,000+)



Fairfax and Andrea Ayres

Laura Horn

Wistar Morris and Karen Moran

Richard Brewer

Daniel Meenan

Dana Goldsmith

Charlottesville Venture Group

Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company

Keswick Pond Club

Acorn Alcinda Foundation

WestWind Foundation

Whitney and Anne Stone Foundation

Janet Stone Jones Foundation

Philippe Sommer

Anne Tilney

Michael Latsko

WalMart Foundation

Don and Janemarie King

Carol Wise and Nancy Weiss

Jim Gorzalski

Jon Fink

Ned and Heidi Gumble



Peter McHugh and Louise McNamee

Jefferson Technology Services

Pete Costigan

Henry Weinschenk

David and Wanda Shuster

David Shuster

Bruce Gordon

Tobias Dengel

Elizabeth Willingham


Rob and Sarah Strassheim

Jonathen Chasen

Jon Copper

Sara Clayborne

David and Carolyn Beach

Jay and Barbara Kessler

Jessica Johnson Papaspyridis

Prince Michel Wineshop

Lee Elberson

Christopher Walmsley

Crosby Brown

Nelson Teague

Ray Murphy

Michael Lenox

Maj. General and Mrs. Dan Dick

Mary Loose DeViney

Andrea Copeland-Whitsett

Linda Perriello

FDG Williams

Paul and Susan Yesawich

Rivanna River Company

Eric Parker

John Whitlow

Candace Goodyear

Anne Blair

Dolores Roberts

David Durovy

Anna and Nicholas Minutella

Margaret Gilliland

Metal, Inc.

Becky Robinson

Claire Byrne

Jo Murray

Amy Lemley

Whitney Briggs

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