Adam Hark Volunteer Profile

March 22, 2019

As an in-house counsel for Maxient, a small software company serving the higher education student affairs, Adam Hark is already impacting the Charlottesville community in a positive way after working with Maxient for just 2½ years. Adam has many roles such as transactional work, intellectual property, general business law, and an occasional foray into education law.

Adam was first introduced to CIC by our President, Stephen Davis, who brought him out to lunch and invited Adam to host some office hours to answer CIC entrepreneur’s legal questions. Adam quickly realized what an impact he had on these people and how transferable his skills had proven to be. With such a broad range of backgrounds, markets, and creativity, Adam is “always excited to meet new entrepreneurs and contribute to the great ideas they are putting out into the world”.

One aspect of a career in law that Adam absolutely hates are the practical economics. Adam feels that with lawyers constantly wanting to pay off their law school debt, it can be hard for them to focus on making the world a better place. One thing that drew Adam to CIC was that he “felt it helped chip away at both ends of the problem, that volunteering with CIC gives lawyers a chance to feel confident in their skills of serving the greater good, and it gives entrepreneurs a chance to get a leg up with legal advice to avoid a financial hit that could otherwise be detrimental to a small business”.

Thank you, Adam, for your support of CIC!