Cristina Ailes Volunteer Profile

January 24, 2019

Cristina Ailes has many identities – she is the founder of and interior designer for Attainable Spaces (, an Environmental Scientist at her day job, and a diligent student on the way to becoming a multi-certified professional. Cristina graduated from the CIC Entrepreneur Training Workshop along with her partner, Meredith Alden, in the Fall of 2015. Her energy and her heart for serving others lead Cristina to taking on the role of Discussion Leader with CIC’s Spring 2016 and Fall 2016 workshops.


Cristina has always enjoyed the concept of design and the application of creativity. With her background in environmental science, she wants to provide quality services to enhance the functionality and amenity in a small environment with a reasonable price. Attainable Spaces was created when Cristina and her co-founder were presented the opportunity to help someone in the community through a life transition after a recent tragedy through organizing and redesigning their home space.


Before participating in CIC as an entrepreneur, Cristina found the idea of establishing a business somewhat intimidating. Through weekly workshops, homework, and discussions, she slowly became more confident. She explains that “the resource that CIC provided was invaluable for me. If you are not a business person, going through CIC’s workshop, you walk away with what you need…I absolutely feel more confident about running a business after the workshop.” Cristina believes in actions. She would remind current and future CIC entrepreneurs that, “You get what you put into. embrace the process to its fullest, and take advantage of CIC.”


Attainable Spaces is now an established business that makes interior design and organization more accessible and affordable for everyone. At the moment, Cristina and Attainable Spaces are serving a non-profit organization voluntarily through the Building Goodness Foundation, a local homeowner, and a local business. In the future, she would love to continue finding innovative approaches to providing new features and affordable services to her clients.


Thank you, Cristina, for your support of CIC.