David Deaton Volunteer Profile

February 1, 2019

David Deaton is the Founder and CEO of Deaton Group. His passion is to empower businesses to succeed. He works with many different types of businesses and always enjoys both the diversity in what different businesses do as well as their diverse stages of development. David claims that it is tremendously fulfilling for him to work alongside executive teams and founders as they see the way forward and unleash their organization’s potential. With over two decades of experience transforming organizations through strategic planning, market research, and effective execution, David has also partnered with organizations ranging from startups and nonprofits to global conglomerates. He helps them to: improve growth, manage change and transformation, establish missions and organizational designs, harness innovation to achieve success, and develop strong strategic foundations to build and sustain their brands. Outside of work, David focuses on his two other passions, his amazing family, and working towards positive social change through soccer. David believes that soccer has a unique ability to bring people of all backgrounds together. With this in mind, he co-founded Charlottesville Alliance FC, a nonprofit semi-professional soccer team competing in the NPSL which aims to help underprivileged youth in Charlottesville.

David found CIC through Jacob D’Aniello, a CIC mentor who knew of David’s passion to serve and give back to the community. Familiar with David’s professional background and aware of the fact that he regularly goes to the Blue Ridge Youth Detention Center to play soccer and mentor residents, Jacob recommended David get involved with CIC. David claims that, “Volunteering with CIC continues to be a wonderful experience, being a discussion leader for the workshop never fails to be one of the highlights of my year”. He explains that he finds there to be so much ‘reality’ in interacting with CIC entrepreneurs – their desire and raw need to succeed refuels his passion to serve. He loves learning their stories and what each business brings to the table. And in turn, that makes him want to empower their success.

In the future, David would like to work more with CIC graduates and get more involved with Charlottesville’s small business community. He believes that everyone needs a “business buddy,” someone to call on as a sounding board and mindshare for decision making, and wants to be that person for others.

Thank you, David, for your support of CIC!