Matt Harmon, Harmony Wine: Entrepreneur Spotlight

June 28, 2021

Introducing Harmony Wine, as told by founder Matt Harmon:

During the pandemic, like many people I was laid off  with what seemed to be no options in sight. I have always had a passion and future goal of getting into the wine industry. With just the passion I have for wine, and the drive of wanting to start my own business, I dove headfirst into the wine world. I called it Harmony Wine – incorporating my name, Matt Harmon, and the idea I wanted to bring to the wine world. I wanted to share that passion with family and friends. As I did so, I started to notice the preconceived notions about wine, and who “should” drink it. I sought out to change the perception. I found a winery to work with and came up with five wines I wanted to share with the Virginia area.

As I started on this new venture I realized that I would need help with the business aspect, as I had never run a business before. I applied to CIC after it was recommended by several of their alumni. After getting accepted for the 16-week program I started learning about the ins-and-outs of business that I wasn’t even thinking about. The classes have helped me take my passion for wine and expand a business that I am extremely excited about. 

Moving forward, I believe through the mentor program, grants, and loans that Harmony Wine will be able to scale at a pace that is stable and successful. I want to add my touch to the wine world and in the process highlight Virginia wines bringing them to the forefront. With the help of CIC and my drive to do my best, I believe I can achieve the goal of making Harmony Wines zenith.

Harmony Wine