Mentoring Relationships: Emily and Kate

September 29, 2022

Hear from recent mentoring pair, Emily and Kate, as they reflect on their time together.

Kate and Emily, respectively

Emily Harpster, SugarBear (Mentee)

Kate has been a thoughtful sounding board, an expert advisor, a connector, a champion, an organized guide, and a source of creative ideas as I have navigated the ups and downs of bringing a new business to life.  I am humbled by the caliber of her expertise and so incredibly grateful for her support.   It has been super valuable to have her there as I apply the things that we learned in the Workshop. I couldn’t possibly sing her praises more.  Everyone should sign up for a mentor!

Kate Zuckerman (Mentor)

Supporting local entrepreneurs, like Emily, through CIC’s mentorship program is truly rewarding. It is an opportunity to use my passion for entrepreneurship to give back to our community in a meaningful way. I enjoy watching a mentee’s business grow and flourish and to be a resource when inevitable challenges arise. Entrepreneurs are often “going it alone,” but with CIC’s comprehensive workshops and mentoring programs, they can tap into a network of support. I encourage both fledgling entrepreneurs and business professionals to see how they can get involved with CIC.

If you got inspired by Kate and Emily’s story, it may be your time to connect with experienced business professionals and entrepreneurs through our Mentoring program! It’s designed to help you accomplish your goals and build relationships.