Sabrina Feggans: Entrepreneur Spotlight

June 7, 2022

“We are a community that works out, empowers, motivates and supports one another.”

What began as a personal fitness journey for Sabrina Feggans quickly sprouted into a women’s empowerment and community-driven fitness movement, known as Beyond Fitness with Sabrina. 

Sabrina began her fitness journey once realizing her desire for a happy, healthier life. She explains, “I was unhealthy. I’ve always been overweight my entire life. I just got to a point in my life — I was so uncomfortable, my kids were younger, and really couldn’t enjoy doing many activities with them. So I just went on a  health journey of my own, to lose weight and it ultimately turned into a lifestyle. That’s what brought me to Beyond Fitness with Sabrina — I started to lose the weight, started to educate myself, people started to follow me and then it became Beyond Fitness.”

Although fitness and a healthier lifestyle are what normally draw people to her,  that is not the only focus — hence her business name. Her thoughts around being healthy certainly include fitness and exercise, but relationship building, focusing on one’s spirituality, and women’s empowerment are just as important to her for her network of women to experience.

“Experiences with Beyond Fitness is beyond fitness — its community and support, and accountability. If people want to get healthy and fit, that’s where we start and then we start to build relationships that keep us there,” Sabrina shares. 

Sabrina is a proud CIC Entrepreneur Workshop graduate, was a workgroup leader, has been a speaker at a workshop session, and is heavily involved in volunteer opportunities presented to her. She has also been through the CIC mentorship program. “I’m actually getting ready to start another business that CIC helped fund. CIC has always been a great support — not only for funding but also educationally. My second business will be called Beyond Entertainment, a mobile entertainment service that will come to you. Our slogan is We will bring entertainment to you.

Be on the lookout for Sabrina’s second business!

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  • Taking place on July 9th from 8am – 1pm, Beyond Fitness with Sabrina is hosting their 2nd Annual Women’s Empowerment Day at the Center at Belvedere. This event started last year after Sabrina’s beloved friend, TQ Evans passed away.  Sabrina shared they both were “heavily involved in CIC together — we did the workshop together and she was a huge supporter of entrepreneurs. We started the event based around women’s empowerment, but also in support of education, health, and  community involvement.” Fifty percent of the proceeds from this event go to a young woman entrepreneur in the community. This event is an opportunity to move your body and is also great for networking, connecting, and learning ways to continue empowering each other. There will be vendors, breakout sessions around fitness, health & wellness,  and also motivational speakers. Plan to be there!
2nd Annual Women’s Empowerment Day Event Flyer