CIC Charlottesville Small Business Growth and Stabilization Grant

CIC has secured a grant from the City of Charlottesville to support small businesses impacted by COVID-19.  These grants are up to $4000, $3000 can be used to support business operating expenses and $1000 can be used for technical assistance to further your business.

If you can answer yes to 1 of these 3 questions, you may qualify:

  • Are you a City of Charlottesville resident who owns a business located and licensed in the City? If so, you may qualify for CIC’s Small Business Growth and Stabilization Grant.  (income requirements may affect eligibility)
  • Is your business located in one of the yellow areas on the map below? Then you may qualify CIC’s Small Business Growth and Stabilization Grant.  
  • Does your business have at least 51% of full-time employees who are City residents and meet the following income requirements? If so, you may qualify for CIC’s Small Business Growth and Stabilization Grant.

Application materials are due by April 15. The first step is to complete this pre-application form to determine if you qualify. Once you complete it, you’ll be invited into our Lenderfit secure portal to submit documentation confirming your eligibility.

You’ll need to  gather this documentation:

  1. Most recent tax return (2020 if filed), form 1040
  2. 2021 City Business License
  3. Obtain a free DUNS number for your business, if you do not already have one


  • April 1 – Round 2 eligible applicants who completed pre-application form invited into Lenderfit portal
  • April 15 – all application materials need to be submitted to Lenderfit
  • April 16 – Funding decisions for round 2 begin and continue on a rolling basis
  • Applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis. Please apply.

Together we are strengthening our community.