Anne Nelson Volunteer Profile

January 22, 2019

Anne Nelson has been an integral part of CIC for the last 3 years. Before getting involved with CIC, Anne worked as Chief Marketing Officer of Ameritrade, Inc. and Executive Vice President of Marketing at HSBC USA. After experiencing the corporate world, she branched off and started her own consulting firm, Factor3 Consulting, which provides marketing services to entrepreneurs of all kinds. Anne claims that her transition to volunteering with CIC was seamless. Relatively new to the Charlottesville area, Anne wasted no time getting involved in the local community. Since 2012, Anne has worked as a mentor, workgroup leader, and currently serves on CIC’s Board of Directors. Anne explains that “she is motivated by the mission and energy of the people at CIC, and enjoys turning aspirations into realities”. In her work with CIC entrepreneurs, Anne focuses on passion, big picture thinking, and tireless focus and effort, as she has seen these as fundamental to entrepreneurial success.