Volunteer Opportunities

Mentors are matched with entrepreneurs who are either in our 16-week workshop or who have
completed it. They help the entrepreneurs work through either specific challenges with their
business or provide general coaching and support, based on the entrepreneurs identified goals.
Time Commitment: 1-2 meetings per month for 6 months

Office Hours
We host expert office hours sessions where clients sign up to receive 45-minute consultations with
business professionals in their area of expertise: attorneys, accountants, marketing professionals,
goal setting coaches, human resources professionals, and insurance agents. Ideally, volunteers would be available for 2-3 meetings that would
be scheduled in advance.
Time Commitment: Ranges from 2-3 hours once per month to 2-3 hours once per quarter

Networking Nights
We offer the option for entrepreneurs to attend a homework night once per week while the
workshop is in session. Here, they will work on the homework for the week and continue to think
through their business plan. Volunteers have the opportunity to work individually with an
entrepreneur or with a small group of 2-3.
Time Commitment: 1 Thursday night from 6 – 8 PM

Discussion Leader
Discussion Leaders facilitate one week’s workshop as part of the 16-week program. They are
identified based on their business experience and topic expertise (marketing, sales, finance, human
resources, etc.). They lead the discussion and integrate their own business experiences to introduce
a topic to the participants.
Time Commitment: 1 Tuesday night from 7:30 – 9 PM plus 30-45 minutes preparation time

Workgroup Leader
Workgroup Leaders facilitate the workgroups each week that are part of the workshop. They
engage the entrepreneurs to think through their business, to challenge themselves and each other
as they work through each component of their overall business plan. They build a close relationship
with 7-9 entrepreneurs and help point them to resources throughout the community that can be
helpful in their business.
Time Commitment: Tuesday nights, 6 – 9 PM for 17 weeks, plus 1-2 hours of homework review &
feedback per week, potential meetings or conversations with the entrepreneurs

Interested in volunteering? Contact Shannon Beach, 434-260-5166 or shannon@cicville.org

Together we are strengthening our community.