The Secret Power of Introverts

August 7, 2019

Susan Cain is the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. She is an introvert herself, living in a world that emphasizes what she calls: “The New Groupthink”. When introverts are placed in environments of constant collaboration, whether in the workplace or in the classroom, they are denied the solitude they need for their creativity to thrive. Cain discusses how common introverts are among the population, and thus, why it is so important for us to understand and support their needs.

Important highlights to be gathered from her argument:

  • For all of those who are introverts and feel the anxiety that comes with public speaking, highly stimulating environments, or socializing, know that you are not alone: close to half the population are introverts! And all of these individuals are going through exactly the same struggles.
  • Introverts make for great leaders: they are more likely to allow their employees valuable autonomy, they are better listeners, and they don’t mind sharing their power.
  • Our world today is unfairly biased against introverts: “Our most important institutions are designed for extroverts. We have a waste of talent.”

Cain stresses the need for a yin and yang-like balance between introverts and extroverts. Both need to be valued for their strengths, and both have much to learn from each other.

Feel free to listen to her Ted Talk as a good summary of her book if you’re short on time!