Beyond Fitness with Sabrina

Sabrina Feggans is the founder and driving force behind Beyond Fitness with Sabrina, a holistically healthy group program that, unsurprisingly, goes far beyond fitness. Her mission is to “motivate, inspire and empower others to make healthier choices one day at a time through staying active, meal planning/prepping, and engaging the community to embrace a healthier- happier lifestyle.” The business was inspired by her ability step out of her comfort zone and lose over 50 lbs. the combination for the love of people, a healthier lifestyle; Sabrina’s commitment to all is rivaled only by her raw energy, enthusiasm and personal success that she shares with the community.   Beyond Fitness with Sabrina and its uniqueness drives emphasis on connectedness – building a network of people who want to be healthier and want to do it together through support and encouragement of like -minded people.

Together we are strengthening our community.