A partnership of Greene County Economic Development Authority and CIC, the Greene County Revolving Loan Fund Program has been relaunched to provide a flexible source of supplemental financing for businesses operating in, expanding in, or locating to Greene County. 

Please note: This is a loan, NOT a grant. Businesses should expect to pay back the loan.

Who is eligible?

  • Existing businesses with 6 months of revenue history
  • New business startups or businesses with less than 6 months of revenue are eligible to apply if they are a graduate of CIC’s Entrepreneur Workshop or have maintained a long-term, professional relationship with an entrepreneur support organization such as SBDC, SCORE, CIC, etc.

Loan capital is restricted to Greene County businesses ONLY


  • Loans up to $50,000
  • Terms range 1-5 years
  • Our starting interest rate is currently 9.75% (beginning in April, 2015). Discounts to the starting rate are available based on the following:
    • Being a graduate of our Entrepreneur Workshop (3 percentage points)
    • Being a long term client of the SBDC (2 percentage points)
    • Being a long term client of SCORE (1 percentage points)
    • Having a co-signer on the loan (1 percentage point)
  • Closing fees will be $200 or 2% of the loan amount, as determined by CIC
  • Personal guarantees required on all loans

Eligible Uses of Loan Funds:

  • Operating Capital
  • Land or Building Acquisition
  • New Construction
  • Property Rehabilitation or Improvements
  • Purchase of Equipment, Supplies, and Materials
  • Inventory for Resale

Application Process & Required Documentation

All loan application materials will be submitted via Lenderfit. To apply:

  1. Email our Financing Team or call (434) 218-3481 to schedule a consultation
  2. You’ll receive an email invitation to begin your application in Lenderfit within 1 business day
  3. In Lenderfit:
    1. Complete your loan application
    2. The following documentation will be needed for a complete application:
      • Business Plan and Cash Flow Projections
      • Existing businesses should submit financial statements and business bank statements
      • Last two years of tax returns
      • Personal Bank Statements
    3. Schedule phone call/site visit with CIC staff
  4. Complete applications submitted by the first of the month should have a decision within 4-5 weeks

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