Entrepreneur Workshop

"What they are doing in this community is changing lives, touching hearts, building character, making small business owners believe in themselves with dreaming to own their own small business, not just running it or maintaining it." - Mark Briggs, Quality Gifts 

Interested in Applying for our Workshop?

Learn how to apply or contact Shannon Beach at 434-218-3481 or for more information.

CIC's signature program is our Entrepreneur Workshop. Designed for new and existing entrepreneurs, this hands-on course enables entrepreneurs to determine whether their business is viable, develop an initial plan for launching or growing their business and then learn the fundamentals of how to act on that plan.

The Charlottesville Entrepreneur Workshop meets on Tuesday evenings from 6pm - 9pm at CitySpace.

What can I expect?

  • Weekly 3 hour evening class sessions
  • 16 weeks of high energy, engaging discussions centered around your business
  • Excellent networking opportunities with your entrepreneur peers and leaders of the business community
  • A combination of case studies, discussions, and applied learning activities
  • By graduation, you will have developed the components of a comprehensive business plan

Who can apply?

  • The workshop is open to anyone interested in starting or expanding a business, contingent on space availability.
  • Not sure if you're ready or need the 16-week workshop? Learn more about our 2-Hour How to Start Your Own Business Workshop or contact us at 434-218-3481 to learn more.

How much does it cost?

  • Tuition is $750 and includes course materials. There are need-based scholarships and payment plans available.

What happens after graduation?

Upon graduation, entrepreneurs are offered:

What topics are covered?

An overview of the 16 sessions are below:

  1. Challenging your Assumptions
  2. Journey Mapping your Business
  3. Talking to your Customers
  4. Who is my Target Market?
  5. Personal Finance
  6. Break Even I
  7. Break Even II
  8. Your Time as an Asset: Time Management
  9. Brand Development
  10. Prospecting
  11. Creating your Marketing Plan
  12. Accounting
  13. Cash Flow Projections
  14. Investing in People: Creating a Team
  15. Credit and Financing
  16. The 1-Year Plan