Destinee Wright Volunteer Profile

July 16, 2019

Destinee was born in Richmond, Virginia and moved to Charlottesville for school. She took a break from college to start her first business in 2012 and later returned in 2016 to finish her degree at UVA. Destinee always had a knack for entrepreneurship–even in high school. She did hair for her classmates and charged $20 per style and also (briefly) sold $7 mixed CDs during lunchtime. She eventually taught herself HTML and was making layouts for friends and family back when Myspace was cool. Using her HTML skills, she started a blog. It quickly grew to over 2K readers per week. She primarily used Twitter, video marketing and SEO to increase her readership. In 2012, Destinee started Luxie Hair Services, a mobile hair braiding business catering to primarily black women across Virginia. With social media and guerilla marketing, she grew her client list to over 600 people. 

When Destinee came to CIC, she explained that she wanted to find a way to scale her hair braiding business. She was working long hours and couldn’t physically keep up with it. However, during the CIC workshop, she was always giving her classmates free social media advice and her workgroup leader, Philippe Sommer, asked her, “Why not start a social media marketing business?” At first, she was skeptical, but she took the leap anyway. If it wasn’t for Philippe, she would not have started Destinee Marketing, LLC.

Destinee claims that she, “loves the staff at CIC and loves volunteering – donating my time educating CIC entrepreneurs about social media, it’s a joy to meet new entrepreneurs and help them accomplish their business goals with social media consulting and content creation”. She believes that the beauty of entrepreneurship is that you can use your gifts to create your own path. She is excited by the fact that CIC encourages people to tap into their gifts and connects them to people who can help them to create an ecosystem of support for their business.

Thank you, Destinee, for your support of CIC!

(Photo Credit: Ayesha Ahmad)