Ann Thompson: Volunteer Profile

September 4, 2020

Ann Thompson came to CIC because she “wanted to do more to give back to the community. It’s a great way to be more involved in Charlottesville. I enjoy getting to help those trying to grow their business because I’ve been there”. Ann’s background is in industrial engineering. Before starting her own consulting firm, Operation Productivity, she worked in corporate America for a while. “I work on business improvement by making operations more efficient. I get hired when things are going poorly, and I identify the problems. I map out current processes and fix the problems”. Outside of work Ann has 2 kids, 5 and 12-year-old boys. “I enjoy the outdoors, hiking in Charlottesville, and frisbee golfing as a result of COVID”. Ann enjoys volunteering for CIC because of “all of the opportunities to meet new people, people in the program or other businesses through events. I get to learn more about what everyone is doing in Charlottesville and how we can support each other”. Ann was a workgroup leader last cohort and continues to support CIC in a range of ways. She also works with CIC volunteer David Deaton. Ann heard him lead a discussion at the workshop and now they collaborate on projects outside of CIC as well. Thank you Ann for all of your time, positive spirit, and guidance.