Jennifer J. McCune- Volunteer Profile

January 28, 2020

Jennifer has a PhD in Spanish from the University of Virginia, and has worked in education, training, fundraising, writing, editing, strategic thinking and planning. She also has public speaking experience in conferences, networking groups, podcasts, and inspirational video platforms, and writes a blog aimed at mompreneurs. 

Jennifer is the facilitator of a women’s networking group to bring positive, supportive women together for meaningful conversations and connections. Her circuitous career path revolves around the continuous theme of empowering people to live the lives of their dreams. This explains her interest in becoming a mentor for CIC, which she has done for the past year. Paired with Destinee Wright, Jennifer was able to work one-on-one with a powerful up and coming entrepreneur. She loves being involved with and connected to an organization that works diligently to help foster entrepreneurship in the community and has learned a tremendous amount herself.

She is grateful to have been introduced to this opportunity as it has brought several beautiful people into her life including “my mentee for whom I am forever grateful for having taught me so much.”

“If you haven’t checked out CIC, you absolutely should! There is something there for everyone; from the side of entrepreneurial help if you are looking to start or continue your own thing to mentorship, teaching and coaching if you have tools that you can share”.