Timothy Eddith: Entrepreneur Profile

September 4, 2020

Tim Eddith, a recent CIC graduate and owner of Nighthawk Construction, came to the construction industry because of his father. “My father was a house painter so I grew up in the trade, it was something I went back to once I got out of corporate work. I wanted to be my own boss”. Nighthawk Construction does home remodeling and improvements with a focus on middle-class families looking to do remodeling projects, bathroom/kitchen remodels, porches, decks, and painting projects. About the CIC workshop Tim says, “It’s been a great experience. I was away from the business for a while due to a car accident. When I decided to get back in, I decided to take the refresher course and it was perfect for me. Everyone was great, I met great people, and got to learn a lot of things I wasn’t doing well the first time (marketing, strategy, retention). I really needed to know these things and it was the perfect experience for me to learn about the future of the business with social media, saw how business is now vs even 5 or 10 years ago”. “My biggest takeaway,” Tim says, “was creating my business plan by looking at the competition in the market. Asking myself who’s my competition and what makes me different from my competitors? How are we going to be a better choice and how can we get and also keep clients? My other main takeaway was new business strategies, moving away from my old ways, a fresh set of eyes”. Looking toward the future he is proud to be “opening our cleaning division in the fall, janitorial services for commercial cleaning. With those two it should keep us pretty busy with up to 10 employees and a couple of trucks”. Tim encourages other entrepreneurs to “look at CIC and the folks that are there, they’re really there to help you and you should take full advantage of all the opportunities and resources because they want to help you succeed and will do anything to help you. They are your biggest supporters and cheerleaders”. “Anyone who is looking to be a part of CIC should definitely do it. Don’t give it so much thought, take a leap of faith, trust yourself and know yourself and take your idea to the next level”.

Contact Info: 540-836-1423