Katie Sale: Entrepreneur Spotlight

October 4, 2023

In a world where our lives are often chaotic, there’s a business dedicated to bringing order and serenity into the homes of its clients. Meet 139 Goodman, a unique home organization, decluttering, and move management company that goes above and beyond to transform living spaces and simplify the moving process for individuals and families.

Katie Sale, a Spring 2023 Entrepreneur Workshop graduate, started her work in home organizing doing random jobs while in grad school, and as she describes, “jobs kept coming.” Because of the demand for what she offered, she decided to move forward with setting up her LLC and business bank account. Katie was also inspired to keep going with 139 Goodman as she desired a better work-life balance. She explains, “I wanted to have the flexibility in my life to be able to go to school functions for my kids and also be there for my friends and family.”

To the clients she works with and future clients, her main goal and mission is for them to regain control over their living spaces and, in turn, their lives with a well-organized space. Katie does not aim to turn anyone into a minimalist. If clients aren’t ready to part with their belongings, that’s perfectly fine. It’s all about creating functional, comfortable, and personalized spaces that align with clients’ preferences and needs.

Katie credits a significant part of her business’s evolution to her enrollment in the Workshop. “I am so grateful that I did the CIC. I feel like it was the missing puzzle piece for me and my growth, and it really filled in a lot of the holes that I had. I had a lot of on-the-ground business experience, and I had opened a business before, but there was still so much I didn’t know. And I think at this stage of life, I was also ready to ask for help and to be vulnerable. CIC, with all the resources that they provide, not only during the class but as you become an alum, was really appealing to me.”

Also, through CIC, Katie found a business coach who helped keep her on track, offering fresh perspectives on prioritizing tasks and setting goals. This mentorship and support proved invaluable in maintaining momentum and growth.

Her advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs is to ask tons of questions. She shares, “I was really surprised to learn how people are so willing to help. Yeah, and I think had I not gone through the CIC process I probably still would be operating like I was before.” Katie also found the importance of talking about her business, a valuable exercise practiced in the Workshop that aids in refining your pitch and expanding your network.

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