Robin Criscuolo: Entrepreneur Spotlight

May 22, 2023

Robin Criscuolo is an experienced teacher who has spent a decade working with young children. Her passion for taking care of children and her desire to provide an intentional environment for them to grow and learn about nature led her to start Robin’s Nest Nature Play School.

Robin’s Nest is an outdoor nature childcare program that operates out of a home. The program offers a play-based approach to learning that includes sensory exploration of the natural world, respectful relationships with adults and other children, and free-structured materials and culture of interest.

She currently operates part-time on Tuesday and Thursday mornings each week, but Robin hopes to expand to a full-time program by the fall of 2024. Her long-term goal is to buy private property and obtain further licensing to create a safe and reliable learning environment for kids while their parents work.

Robin draws inspiration from New Zealand’s globally renowned early childhood education, as well as courses in New England. Observations through anecdotal evidence and scientific literature on the connections with physical activity and environmental space have further supported her idea.

Despite her initial hesitation about being a business owner, Robin is driven by her love for working with children and her desire to provide them with a safe and engaging outdoor space to learn and grow. She heard about Community Investment Collaborative (CIC) and applied for the Entrepreneur Workshop to receive the help she needed to get her business off the ground.

Through CIC, Robin has made good connections with other graduates and is currently doing the Financial Management Program. “The one-on-one mentorships and the Small Business Circle I’m in have been incredibly helpful in providing knowledge and encouragement, and the Resource Fair has been a great source of support for accountants, branding, and planners,” shares Robin.

Robin’s lifelong dream of starting her own nature-based childcare program is finally coming to fruition. She hopes to continue building her community and expanding her program to provide a safe and reliable learning environment for children to explore and develop intrapersonal skills while being comfortable in the outside world. If you’re looking for a safe and engaging outdoor space for your child to learn and grow, keep an eye out for Robin’s Nest Nature Play School!