Kristina Muldoon: Entrepreneur Spotlight

July 27, 2023

Meet Kristina Muldoon, the heart and soul behind Moon Dancer Medicinals! As she puts it, “I always knew that I really wanted to help people. So that just kind of snowballed along the way, I just really love helping people who suffer with chronic pain and stress.”

The magic started when she created CBD-infused pain relief products for herself, because, as she explains, “I run a lot and my legs would get really sore. And I just ate too much ibuprofen all the time. And then when I started making these and realizing how helpful it was, I started using them with massage clients and was getting really good feedback.”

What sets Moon Dancer Medicinals apart is Kristina’s dedication to producing hand made  products made from  all-natural ingredients. She states, “And a lot of times I tell people that theoretically you could eat these, like I don’t put anything in the products to put on your skin that you couldn’t actually eat. So it’s all natural and nothing like, no harsh chemicals or toxicity, and it’s homemade with, like, my love and passion.”

Her entrepreneurial journey took a significant leap when she attended  CIC’s Entrepreneur Workshop. In her own words, “One of the biggest ways is the support and the resources that they offer have pushed me in ways that have allowed me to gain more confidence in what I’m doing, and to really get out of my comfort zone and push myself to do more. Because, you know, just outside of the comfort zone is where most of the growth can happen.”

Kristina’s advice to anyone dreaming of starting a business is simple yet powerful, “The best advice that I can give if you’re thinking of starting a business is to really sit with yourself and think about what you really love to do, what drives you, what your passions are, and try to find something along those lines. Because as long as you know, it’s true what people say when you love what you’re doing, it feels like you never worked a day in your life. It’s true. I love all of this and it doesn’t really feel like work often. So really just following passions.”

Today, Moon Dancer Medicinals thrives as a haven for natural healing, touching the lives of many with its authentic care and genuine commitment to making the world a healthier place, thanks in part to the support and inspiration she gained from attending the  Entrepreneur Workshop. We’re proud to have played a role in empowering her journey towards success and encourage others to join our CIC workshops to kickstart their own entrepreneurial dreams!