Jessica Tiller Volunteer Profile

November 13, 2018

After graduating Law School in 2012, Jessica Tiller moved from Raleigh, North Carolina to Charlottesville and commuted to Harrisonburg where she worked at a small law firm. Jessica sought to open her own law firm after she witnessed some traditional firms focusing on billable hours rather than client relationships and needs. She opened Estate Planning of Charlottesville, PPLC, in January 2014 as a client-focused law firm. Jessica helps clients put their wishes on paper by creating estate documents and serves the greater Albemarle community as a Guardian ad litem for incapacitated adults.

Jessica learned about CIC when she won a spot in the Entrepreneur Workshop through a pitch competition in the fall of 2014. In January 2015, Jessica enrolled in the workshop and “learned how to run a firm from the business end and form relationships with clients”. Jessica found the workshop extremely helpful with its small atmosphere of diverse participants and business development focus”. Jessica feels that CIC gave her a “Mini-MBA” and showed her that running her own business is something that she could do both emotionally and financially.

After graduation, Jessica served as a workgroup leader as she wanted to help others reach their potential and gain a voice in an environment where they might not traditionally have had access.  Additionally, Jessica wanted to be able to give constructive criticism as this proved to be extremely important in her own workshop journey. Since January of 2018, Jessica has been serving on CIC’s Board of Directors. Jessica explains that she “has enjoyed this experience as everyone on the board believes in CIC’s mission of growing entrepreneurship in Charlottesville”. Jessica wants to see the workshop, mentorship program, and loan program grow within CIC.

Thank you, Jessica, for your support of CIC!