Joshua Rene Volunteer Profile

January 4, 2019

Joshua Rene is Founder of The Spill Teem, a Design Strategist, Speaker and thought leader.

After 15 years in leadership roles ranging from supervisory to a tenured directorship; Human Services taught him that serving people begins with serving how they think. He introduced a style of development provoked by the rules he lives by, “The external growth we want is a direct result of the internal growth we need.” And that’s why Joshua uses Human-Centered strategy to help organizations shift their thinking culture.

Never slowing down, Joshua has taken his passion and belief that we’re all Personally & Professionally the same people; and packaged a series of thought-provoking Talks & Keynotes. His team has introduced this as Spill Teem Live. Through crafted Workshops, they empower individuals to become innovative freethinkers and hone in on silencing the distracting and unproductive ‘noise.’

When not serving as an adjunct at Piedmont Virginia Community College, Joshua stays on the move developing new design strategies to assist organizations with clarity. He helps create stories which connect them to the world and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Joshua’s currently a discussion leader and office hours volunteer with CIC. He claims that “besides the amazing culture, CIC has a real-life connection rooted in the impact they make. Their vision to serve every individual who walks through their door is a level of commitment that can’t be bought.” At a coffee meeting with a CIC staff, Joshua heard the phrase “… we don’t develop businesses; we develop entrepreneurs.” It was at that moment he knew that these were the folks he wanted to make an impact with. From that point on, he made it his mission to invest in knowing the heart behind CIC.

Joshua explains that it brings him great joy when he simultaneously works with CIC and their mission, as well as working with entrepreneurs to ‘Spill on Purpose™.‘ “What better partnership when you can come together, impact lives, watch people have ah-ha moments, and high-five each other when the work is done! It’s exciting to be a volunteer with CIC. The team is amazing, and the mission is solid. They’re creating a wave of resources that is driving change in the community.”

Thank you, Joshua, for your support of CIC!