Mentoring Relationships: David and Greg

June 4, 2020

David Weyher has been an entrepreneur several times over in the tech and consumer finance industries. Most recently he has ventured into the world of startups, with one that has been running successfully since 2011 and a newer business called SweetPay that occupies his time now. David connected to CIC through board members and soon after realized that his experience as an entrepreneur provided him with learned wisdom that others could benefit from.

Greg Dorazio took the CIC Entrepreneur Workshop in Fall 2018 with the idea to develop a strategic communication business. At that time, Greg had a full-time job but still found great benefit in the structure of the workshop and the opportunity to put his business idea on paper with the support of other entrepreneurs. Little did he know that two months after the workshop ended, he would be laid off from that full-time job and the newly born business idea would be put to the test. Greg reflects now that he is grateful for the timing of the workshop and that the confidence he gained in the class gave him the energy to make the business work at just the right time. 

Soon after Greg started Dorazio Communications full-time, he was paired with David through CIC’s mentoring program. For almost a year the two have met about once per month, focusing each meeting on a subject area such as marketing or partnerships. Greg quickly learned that in his business where the needs of each client are unique, it was easy to spread himself thin. David was able to suggest tactics for working efficiently, both in the management of the business and in communications with clients. Because of David’s past experience, he was able to see problems through a different lens and offer creative solutions based on his own unique perspective. The sessions had a therapeutic feel as well, Greg reflected and having someone to empathize with the struggles was equally important to receiving advice and feedback.

One moment in particular that will stick with Greg is the coining of “the Dorazio Way.” The pair had been working on streamlining proposals Greg was sending to clients, and as David verbalized the customer point of view he suggested that branding the process Greg was using would give value not only to the outcome but to the process offered as well. Thus, The Dorazio Way was born, setting the high standard of work and efficiency for Greg’s work. Most recently, Greg has used his skills to become a successful business advisor for the Central VA Small Business Development Center.

The dynamic energy between the two was evident even in our short conversation, during which David suggested that Greg take advantage of the growing network of small businesses at SweetPay. They reflected that although their businesses are not in the same industry, there is plenty of room to support each other. Greg has felt that this mentorship is an extension of the class, and the growth of his business reflects the value received from being able to meet regularly with another passionate business owner.