Rahul Keshap Volunteer Profile

July 25, 2019

Rahul Keshap completed his undergraduate degree at UVA and went on to attend the UVA School of Law. After graduation, Rahul moved to Washington D.C. to practice law but did not enjoy it as he noticed an intense focus on billable hours over client interactions. In need of a change, Rahul moved back to Charlottesville to work at the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFA), a non-profit global association of investment professionals. He stayed there for 15 years and completed a few of his years at the Hong Kong office. Rahul made the decision to leave CFA last year to pursue a practice focused fully on clients. He launched his own private practice, called Shuru Law, in January 2019 centered around two groups of clients: nonprofits and start-ups. Rahul’s goal is to create a company that focuses on local clients in a way that eliminates the intimidation of engaging with lawyers. 

In the Fall of 2018, Rahul heard about CIC. He felt it “was an amazing resource for the area, as it encouraged people to overcome the fear of pursuing their own ideas as entrepreneurs”. Rahul immediately committed to volunteering with CIC and felt fulfilled by the opportunity he was given to support our entrepreneurs. Since January of 2019, Rahul holds Office Hours every month to assist entrepreneurs with legal issues and volunteers as a Discussion Leader and as a consultant at our  Resource Fairs.

Rahul loves listening to people’s stories, hearing where they came from, and where they are headed in life, and with their business. He says that he appreciates the opportunity to sit down with so many new people and help them make tough decisions while creating deep connections.