Shawn Pendleton Volunteer Profile

April 25, 2019

Born and raised in the Charlottesville area, Shawn Pendleton is the Associate Vice President/Investments at Stifel, a local wealth management practice.

Shawn was introduced to CIC through a friend that had previously left his employer to venture out and start his own business. Shawn saw how “CIC helps to turn starry-eyed entrepreneurs into burgeoning business owners.” During a local chamber event, Shawn met the CIC Executive Director, Stephen Davis, and learned more about CIC’s mission and work. Today, Shawn serves on CIC’s Board of Directors and explains that he enjoys making a difference for those in the community that are under-resourced. Shawn says that he can “see himself in many of these young entrepreneurs” and strongly believes that CIC’s work plays an integral role in breaking the chains of generational poverty in the Charlottesville community.

Thank you, Shawn, for your support of CIC!