Alex Urpí Volunteer Profile

August 7, 2019

Alex Urpí graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Comparative Literature. Shortly after, he and his brother started their own business focused on Economics research. Two years ago, Alex, along with his father and brothers, started Emergent Financial Services, a family company that provides investment advice and financial planning to the community. In addition to his own business, Alex is the President of Forward Adelante, a non-profit Latino networking group in Charlottesville. In this position, Alex helps hold events, creates newsletters, and publishes a bilingual news journal. Forward Adelante seeks to bridge the gap between Latino professionals and the business community at large. This organization not only provides resources for support but also demonstrates to the local community the significant capabilities and contributions that are being made every day by Latinos.

Through his work with Forward Adelante, Alex developed a connection with CIC. Seeing the potential of CIC as a resource to Latino entrepreneurs, Alex began attending events and even sat in a workshop where he was amazed by the support being imparted to the entrepreneurs. Alex decided he wanted to be more involved with CIC and last January, Alex joined the Board of Directors, as well as the Development and Finance committees. In this role, Alex helps develop the strategic plan for CIC and looks for new ways to connect people to the organization. This involves searching for donors and potential clients. Alex wants to make sure the Latino community knows how CIC can be a resource for them. 

Alex explains that his favorite part about being involved with CIC is the opportunity he receives to work with entrepreneurs. He enjoys the benefit of meeting them, seeing how they have grown their business, and also learning from them. Through these interactions, Alex feels he is able to adapt his own business based on new knowledge discovered through rising entrepreneurs and share what he has learned with other Latino entrepreneurs.

Thank you, Alex, for your support of CIC!