Derek Rush Entrepreneur Profile

August 6, 2019

Derek Rush has an entrepreneurial spirit and currently runs several companies. Derek is starting his own nonprofit organization in the Charlottesville community called the Conscious Capitalist Group Foundation Inc. which will offer a 12-week social entrepreneurship academy for African American boys from grades 7-12. The workshop will be held twice a week, after regular schooling, and will encompass financial literacy, political science, health and wellness, social media marketing, mentoring programs, and internship placements. The Conscious Capitalist Group is also looking into partnering with UVA to further their mission. 

Derek started Conscious Capitalist Group because of his passion for working with youth. He, too, was a young African American boy, who worked hard to make something out of himself despite having so little. After enduring these struggles, Derek wanted to create an agency that allowed other boys of a similar background access to the resources they needed to guide them to success. This program will include mentors that can point students in the right direction, as well as guest speakers with diverse experiences and expertise. 

Derek sees his vision for the future as one that is global. In five years, he hopes to grow his company into incubators for youth all around the nation and eventually expand internationally to Africa, targeting countries like Ghana, Uganda, and Nigeria. Derek seeks to build a global brand while building a curriculum in the process, that can then be used by other institutions. 

Derek says that he values the experience and knowledge he gained from CIC’s Entrepreneur Workshop, “CIC has provided resources and insight to help me grow as an entrepreneur. They have been very transparent and welcoming,” he says. Derek explains that CIC’s extensive network allowed him to build relationships with many people who have helped him in his pursuits, and who he still communicates with today.

As advice to future CIC entrepreneurs, Derek believes it is important to constantly seek out useful information in order to evolve and develop creativity. He encourages entrepreneurs to always be open to networking and meeting new people – even if that means branching out of their comfort zone.