Brooke Jenkins Volunteer Profile

January 22, 2019

Brooke is the Merchant Services Executive at Virginia National Bank, she supports local business owners with taking credit card payments and cash management, and enjoys helping local business owners run their businesses as fluidly as possible. Brook is passionate about local business and values the fact that she never knows which business owner she’ll encounter next. She notes that each business is so unique, and each business owner full of passion and excitement.  

Brooke has volunteered with CIC for three 17-week workshops as a Discussion Leader. She facilitates the discussion on Prospecting, and believes prospecting is an organic way of creating business relationships. “I am inspired by CIC entrepreneurs and admire the raw enthusiasm and energy they bring to the discussion”, claims Brooke.   

Brooke recommends that CIC entrepreneurs not be afraid of reaching out for help and assistance when starting and growing their businesses. She explains that, “if you are sincere and speak genuinely from your heart, people will be willing to help”. Seeking feedback and constructive criticism is a skill that Brooke finds very useful. She encourages CIC entrepreneurs to gather feedback from customer interactions and to use the feedback to improve future customer relationships.   

Thank you Brooke for your support of CIC!