Brad Uhl Volunteer Profile

January 22, 2019

During his fourth year studying economics at the University of Virginia, Brad began working at a local editorial design company.  Within this role, Brad began to work on more branding heavy projects. Years later and looking for a change in occupation, Brad met Brandon Wooten.  Brandon worked as a freelance designer but in order to start a company he needed someone who had marketing and production strategy expertise. Brad filled this role and together they started ID Company in 2013.  ID Company uses design to communicate ideas to the local community.


Brad is also an owner of Grit Coffee.  His friend founded Para Coffee on the corner and brought Brad in to help with the coffee shop’s branding.  The original owner decided that he wanted to leave the project so Brad and Brandon took over Para. In the last four years they have acquired two additional coffee shops in Charlottesville and changed the name to Grit, as it more accurately represented who they are now as a company.  Grit is currently embarking on a new endeavor as they are roasting their beans in-house rather than obtaining them from an external roaster.


In 2015 Brad met Keir. To date, Brad has served as a mentor at CIC’s Resource Fair and has spoken to a workshop class on how to easily integrate branding into their business models. Brad continues to volunteer with CIC as he enjoys the opportunity to set aside his business and aid others with their business problems.  Additionally, Brad loves to work with CIC as even though “Charlottesville is an entrepreneurial town” a lot of businesses fail; however, CIC provides entrepreneurs with a way to succeed.


Thank you, Brad, for your continued support of CIC!