Chris Webster Volunteer Profile

January 24, 2019

Chris Webster is a civil and geotechnical engineer who has worked in both the private and public sector.  For over ten years, Chris worked for a large engineering firm specializing in geotechnical projects in which he had the opportunity to travel to Burundi and Hatti.  In these travels, he found it inspiring that they people had hope even when their living situation was not ideal. Holding onto this inspiration, Chris began his own engineering firm, Underhill Engineering, LLC, which practices geosciences engineering and focuses on client support through times of risk and uncertainty.  

Chris’ self-title, Your Guide to the Underground, demonstrates his commitment to light up the darkness in regards to inherent uncertainties within geotechnical engineering.  Perpetuating this culture has led Chris to great success as 75% of his clients are those from repeat businesses. This is a testament to both Chris’ character and to Underhill’s culture in which engineers can make a difference.

While Chris had the engineering knowledge to start his business, he needed a way to garner a stronger business knowledge.  When reaching out to different organizations that had connections to small businesses, he came across SCORE. In SCORE, Chris met his now mentor Charlie who pointed him to CIC.  Chris first joined CIC as a workshop participant in the Fall of 2017 and he now serves as a workgroup leader.

Chris continues to be a part of CIC as he likes that it is a place with diverse perspectives and experiences.  Having gone through the workshop himself, Chris understands how the workshop builds upon itself thus allowing him to serve as a successful moderator and facilitator of meaningful discussion.  Chris believes that his ability to be a good workgroup leader is in due part because of CIC’s strong sense of leadership from Shannon and Keir within the workshop. Serving as a workgroup leader has allowed for Chris to give back to those who might be contemplating a business but lack the inherent resources required to do it.  Chris was drawn to being a workgroup leader as it was an opportunity to reinforce what he had learned and was a way to make meaningful connections with other Charlottesville based entrepreneurs.

Thank you, Chris, for your continued support of CIC!