Jessica Norby Volunteer Profile

November 5, 2018

Jessica Norby (Jess) is a social media strategist that specializes in helping small business owners increase their reach and grow their business using social media. Prior to this, Jess was running a fitness and wellness website that helped her discover her passion for digital marketing. By developing and shooting recipes for local brands, in hopes of increasing brand awareness, Jess became inspired to start her own consulting business.

Jess currently volunteers with CIC in our Office Hours program and explains that “it excites me when I see the light bulb go off in a business owners head, imagining all of the creative ways that they can be present and serve their customers on a social platform”. Since her business is built upon helping small business owners form a community, Jess felt that CIC was a perfect way to grow this role. Jess claims that she loves the environment at CIC, that is always so welcoming and positive, and she feels grateful to get to volunteer and get to know CIC entrepreneurs. When she volunteers, Jess explains that she loves seeing all of the new faces, chatting with the business owners and learning more about what they do and how they want to serve.

Thank you, Jessica, for your support of CIC!