Robert Gray Entrepreneur Profile

August 12, 2019

Robert Gray is the founder of Dreamin’ Diamonds and the Conscious Capitalist Group Foundation Inc. (CCG), and previously, an educator. His company, Dreamin’ Diamonds, founded in 2016, is a luxury streetwear brand that promotes the idea of transforming thought energy into matter through the manifestation of art and style with urban culture. Merchandise, including t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, and is primarily sold online, through pop-up shops, and at events. Dreamin’ Diamonds is mission-driven and thus, conducts back-to-school drives, toy drives, and speaking engagements for youth. They have also established a scholarship fund for first-generation college students. 

Robert has always been fashionable and sees clothing as a form of expression. He feels clothing is more powerful than it may seem, it can be a conversation starter and a tool to project personality. Robert is passionate about working with youth and has been doing so for 10 years. He feels his company sends the message to youth that they can do anything they set their mind to. He envisions his business becoming a global brand partnered with his nonprofit organization, CCG, such that a percentage of proceeds go directly to improving the youth he is serving. 

Robert explains that he feels CIC has been extremely important in developing his skills as an entrepreneur. “They helped me create a business plan, flush out my ideas, rebrand my company, and strategize for the future.” Robert intends on utilizing the many resources that CIC provides going forward, such as networking opportunities, loans, mentoring, etc. 

As for advice to other CIC entrepreneurs, Robert believes it is important to come into the Entrepreneur Workshop with a clear business goal in mind, as this will make it easier to expand on existing ideas.