Sabrina Feggans: Beyond Fitness with Sabrina

January 18, 2021

Prior to COVID-19, Beyond Fitness with Sabrina, owned by CIC entrepreneur Sabrina Feggans, primarily offered a variety of in-person exercise programs. During COVID-19 Sabrina pivoted to continuing serving her client’s fitness and wellness goals by offering online zoom Morning and Evening Virtual Classes Monday – Friday, open to anyone looking for an exercise opportunity. With proven evidence that exercising is a great way to build and support the immune system, Beyond Fitness with Sabrina realized that taking care of our health and fitness is more important than ever today and pausing was not an option. 

With many of her clients virtually homeschooling and working from home, Sabrina recognized that her zoom online schedule wouldn’t work for everyone’s needs. She decided to start offering monthly challenges. Her monthly challenges consist of a quick but effective 30 minute prerecorded Beyond Fitness with Sabrina workout for each day of the week. The workouts are flexible for all and can be done at your own convenience from a smart device – in your home, from the gym with little to no equipment. 

Today, Beyond Fitness with Sabrina has doubled her following and client-based by being able to help clients across the country with their fitness and health goals. Beyond Fitness with Sabrina is continuing to look for new and innovative ways to assist clients in their health and fitness journey.  The February challenge is just around the corner, to join this incredible group contact Sabrina!