Culinary Concepts AB Entrepreneur Profile

November 5, 2018

Antwon Brinson is the owner of Culinary Concepts AB, a training program that teaches life skills through culinary arts.  Antwon has been cooking for over fifteen years, touting experience both nationally and internationally in the Caribbean. When Antwon moved to Charlottesville a year ago to become the Executive Chef of a new club downtown, he became frustrated with the dearth of trained staff at his establishment. In an effort to help his fellow team members, Antwon sought out training programs around the area for aspiring chefs and quickly realized there were no such programs in town. Thus, the groundwork for Culinary Concepts AB was laid.

Antwon hopes that his program will inspire a new generation of passionate chefs as he works on spreading his program to the national sphere over the next five years and to the international sphere over the next ten.

Antwon credits CIC with teaching him the importance of setting goals and milestones to measure your progress, the importance of knowing your target market, and the importance of establishing a strong network. Antwon says, “CIC is like joining a sports team, but for entrepreneurs! The only difference is they teach you how to play every position and how to own the team.”

Antwon’s best advice to other entrepreneurs is that “if you’re going to enroll in the workshop, give it 200%! This is that lifetime opportunity you’ve been waiting for; don’t miss it!”