Emily Ruth Prints Entrepreneur Profile

July 3, 2019

Emily completed her first block printed textile in October of 2015. She fell in love with block printing and knew she wanted to start a business utilizing this art form. She started Emily Ruth Prints in November of 2018. She sells her block printed and hand sewn products both online and at local events and teaches block printing classes and workshops in and around Charlottesville. Emily currently works with people with disabilities and was inspired to create products that she and the group she works with could sell. They started working together to transfer their drawings onto textiles and were very empowered through the process, which still continues today. Emily’s love of both walking in nature and sewing inspired her to start to incorporating natural elements into her sewing and block printing. To her, it was a natural transition from printing fabric to sewing it. 

Emily just graduated from CIC’s most recent Entrepreneur Workshop. Emily explains that she was drawn to the CIC workshop because she was interested in growing the class and workshop part of her business but needed support in doing so. She enjoys teaching workshops because they allow her to share her technique. Emily feels that “CIC has not only given me the technical knowledge and techniques for maintaining a business but more importantly CIC helped me to clarify my vision by providing me with an environment for conversation and collaboration with other entrepreneurs and experts”. The workshop’s flexible, open-ended format gave Emily the ability to be creative and open-minded in applying the business knowledge to her own business. She is looking forward to staying in touch with the entrepreneurs she worked with during the workshop.  

To the future CIC entrepreneurs, Emily says it’s important to take time and clarify a vision for your business, it will really you to realize what tools and support you will need. Emily is now working towards making her business even more eco-friendly and sustainable and is excited to see how Emily Ruth Prints grows.