LaNika Barnes: Entrepreneur Spotlight

September 28, 2022

Ever had a dream you were waiting to go for? Yes? No? Maybe? 

Spring ’22 Entrepreneur Workshop grad LaNika Barnes always dreamed of owning a bookstore. She’s been an educator for many years, is a wife, a mother of two, and a grandmother. Since childhood and young adulthood, she’s constantly been surrounded by books, which sparked her love for reading.

In July of 2021, still navigating through the pandemic, LaNika purchased her first set of books and opened Fire & Ice Bookshop with the mission of helping people understand and learn from books. She feels that when people get exposure to various experiences beyond what we often reside in, it offers opportunities for freedom. She wants to share that with everyone passionate about books and reading and sharing. She said, “Reading is like eating. You eat and read with your eyes first and then digest it.”

Through her journey in entrepreneurship, she also hopes to create a legacy by giving her daughters the confidence to pursue interests and career fields from their heads and hearts, like her. She works hard to set an example, fulfilling her responsibilities as a teacher and now – a newfound entrepreneur.

Passionate about books to finally owning a bookshop, LaNika found learning the fundamental skills to run a business to be challenging. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2022 that LaNika learned about and enrolled in CIC’s Entrepreneur Workshop. She shares, “CIC has been amazing and has such a stellar reputation in the Charlottesville area and local communities. Participating in the workshop has opened so many doors and availed partnership opportunities. I’ve been invited to pop-up events because CIC entrepreneurs have invited me to participate. If I hadn’t gone through the process with CIC, I know I would have likely been stuck where I was, not seeing the transformation in my business that I wanted.”

Where can you find Fire & Ice Bookshop?

Visit for your next book purchases!